2022 – ACOLADE Newsletter

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2023 – ACOLADE Newsletter

I attended the ACD National Meeting in Houston, Texas in October. Our Regent, Ned Nix, chaired our break-out session. Our Section was honored with the Model Section Award.

2016 – ACOLADE Newsletter

Mattel came out with Dentist Barbie in 1997, and according to the Barbie (and ADA) Facebook pages, “When Dentist Barbie put on her lab coat in 1997, 14% of dentists were women. Today, that number is up to 27%.”

2021 – ACOLADE Newsletter

Do masks keep us apart or allow us to be together? I never thought, in all my years of wearing masks as a dentist, that a mask made a political statement. I knew about anti-vaxxers, but I’d never heard of anti-maskers.

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