2022 – ACOLADE Newsletter

I received a notice from my local health system with the heading “be kind.” Scripps Health in San Diego County is concerned that patients “be kind, be patient, be understanding.”

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2021 – ACOLADE Newsletter

Do masks keep us apart or allow us to be together? I never thought, in all my years of wearing masks as a dentist, that a mask made a political statement. I knew about anti-vaxxers, but I’d never heard of anti-maskers.

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2019 – ACOLADE Newsletter

The term “intergenerational equity” is common in policy advocates’ vocabulary. It is the idea of fairness between generations. To give an example, the dues of CDA Life Active Members was just
raised dramatically.

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2018 – ACOLADE Newsletter

In my editorial last year, I was hoping that 2017 would usher in a year of “making dentistry great again.” It doesn’t seem that has happened, instead there is division and divisiveness, and we have
to be careful how to speak to our patients about current events.

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